Whelen Liberty Super High Intensity Take Down Light Kit
Your Price: $245.70

Whelen now offers the SXTDLED Super High Intensity Take Down Lights for the LFL Liberty Super-LED lightbars. This kit includes Two - High Output, Low Power Consumption Take Downs to improve the LFL Liberty Super-LED lightbars performance over the current SLTDLED takedowns, which are now obsolete. These Six over Six LED modules provide higher output, wider light dispersion and increased warning capability.

  • 12 - Super High Intensity LEDs in a Six over Six configuration per module.
  • 2 - Take Down Modules per kit.
  • Extremely Bright Output.
  • Wider Light Dispersion
  • Easily added to any SX Series Liberty.
  • Easy replacement of existing Takedowns in any SX Series Liberty.